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HEKA pres ointment compress 7.5 x 10 cm sterile 6St.

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The sterile grease gauze for covering abrasions and burns. Sterile packed per piece and available in different sizes.

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Buy ointment compress? Optimal comfort for burns and sensitive wounds!

What is an ointment compress?

An ointment compress, also known as greasy gauze dressing, ointment gauze or paraffin compress, is a special wound dressing that is soaked with a soothing and protective ointment, usually based on paraffin. The ointment compress is used in the care of burns, abrasions and other sensitive wounds. The fatty gauze dressing creates a protective barrier between the wound and the dressing, preventing the dressing from sticking to the wound and promoting healing.

How do I use a grease mesh?

The use of an ointment compress is simple and offers optimal care:

  1. Cleaning the wound: Before applying the ointment, gently clean the wound and surrounding area to remove any dirt and bacteria.
  2. Applying the compress: Gently place the fatty gauze dressing on the wound so that it completely covers the wound.
  3. Fixing: Carefully fix the ointment compress with an adhesive plaster or an elastic bandage, so that it stays in place.
  4. Wound care: Regularly check that the ointment compress is clean and dry. Replace the compress if necessary for optimal hygiene and healing.

What is an ointment compress used for?

An ointment compress is mainly used for the care of burns, abrasions and other sensitive wounds. The soothing and protective ointment on the fatty gauze dressing helps to reduce pain, prevent the wound from drying out and promote faster healing. The paraffin dressing forms a comfortable and non-adherent layer between the dressing and the wound, ensuring pleasant and effective wound care.

As a specialist in wound care, we offer high-quality ointment dressings for optimal comfort and healing. Our ointment compresses are infused with high-quality paraffin ointment and are suitable for single use. They are soft, non-sticky and easy to use, making them ideal for treating sensitive wounds and burns. Add the ointment compress to your first aid kit and provide professional and soothing wound care.

Order your ointment compresses now and offer optimal care to burns and sensitive wounds. With our high-quality ointment compress you are assured of comfortable and effective wound care. Take care of your wounds with care and order your ointment compresses today!

Why buy ointment compress?

  • The wound edges remain supple through the paraffin
  • Sterile packaged
  • Suitable for abrasions & burns
  • Prevents drying of the wound

The ointment compresses are packaged sterile and are available in different sizes. In the world of First Aid & Company Emergency Response, the ointment compress is also called greasy gauze, greasy gauze bandage, greasy gauze burn, ointment gauze, ointment compress or paraffin compress.

  • HEKA Article no.: OT0707
  • ZI Number: 16999835
  • Size: 7.5 x 10 cm
  • Sterile packaged
  • Packed per 6 pieces
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