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A reflex hammer is a medical instrument used by practitioners to test deep tendon reflexes. Testing for reflexes is an important part of the neurological physical exam to detect abnormalities in the central or peripheral nervous system.

Buy a reflex hammer?

In the world of medical diagnostics, the importance of a high-quality reflex hammer cannot be underestimated. This simple but essential tool is crucial for assessing neurological integrity in patients. Extremely suitable for any medicine or medical student.

Why a reflex hammer?

A reflex hammer is a diagnostic instrument used to test reflexes of different parts of the body. The reflex hammer is often used to check the patellar reflex and Achilles tendon reflex, where abnormalities in these reflexes can indicate possible neurological disorders. By testing reflexes, doctors and medical staff can identify early signs of various neurological problems, which can contribute to early diagnosis and treatment.

What are the advantages of a reflex hammer?

A reflex hammer is an accessible and non-invasive instrument for quickly and effectively testing reflexes. It is an indispensable tool for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to perform a complete neurological assessment. By testing reflexes with a reflex hammer, one can gain valuable information about the integrity of a patient's neurological functions, allowing any concerns to be quickly addressed.

What are the differences between the reflex hammers?

In the medical world, reflex hammers are indispensable instruments used to assess patients' reflex responses. This essential part of neurological examination helps identify possible abnormalities in the nervous system. But what are the differences between the different types of reflex hammers such as the Buck, Berliner, Taylor, Babinsky and Troemner reflex hammer?

Buck Reflex Hammer

The Buck reflex hammer is compact and multifunctional, ideal for general medical use. This hammer is not only used for testing reflexes, but also has a brush and needle, useful for sensory testing. The Buck reflex hammer is practical for medical professionals who need a versatile instrument.

Berliner reflex hammer

The Berliner reflex hammer is distinguished by its traditional design. Made with a sturdy handle and a large, rubber hammer head, this hammer allows professionals to accurately and effectively test a patient's reflexes, without sacrificing comfort and ease of use.

Taylor reflex hammer

The Taylor reflex hammer is probably the most recognizable model and is often used by professionals all over the world. This instrument has a solid, slim build and is designed for efficiency and reliability in testing deep tendon reflexes.

Babinsky reflex hammer

The Babinsky reflex hammer is unique in design with a removable head, making it a suitable choice for various clinical situations. It is specifically designed for testing both superficial and deep tendon reflexes, making it a favorite choice for many neurologists.

Troemner reflex hammer

The Troemner reflex hammer is a heavier and more robust instrument, designed for effective evaluation of reflexes. Its weighty design allows professionals to assess reflexes with ease, while at the same time it fits comfortably in the hand.

KaWe reflex hammer - Colorflex

Specifically, the KaWe reflex hammer - Colorflex is a high-quality option for medical professionals. This reflex hammer is not only effective but also stylish and comfortable to use, making reflex testing an effortless process. The colorflex reflex hammer is available in black, gray and blue.

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