first aid bags

First aid bags/BHV Backpacks

Looking for the right first aid bag or backpack? We supply different models and colors of first aid first aid bags and emergency response backpacks. You can think of a first aid bag or backpack which are very suitable for (sports) associations, events, excursions & companies.

Types of First Aid Bag/BHV Backpacks

First Aid Bags & Backpacks for various situations & environments can be found in our range. For example, are you looking for a First Aid Bag which is equipped with a filling, without filling or different compartments?

Elite Bags Backpack and first aid bags

Elite Bags First Aid and BHV Bags are of very high quality and meet all requirements. The bags and backpacks are made of a very durable & waterproof material. The bags are equipped with reflective material so that you are also very visible in the dark.