Compressed gauze sterile (Compressed Gauze)
Compressed gauze sterile (Compressed Gauze)
Compressed gauze sterile (Compressed Gauze)
Compressed gauze sterile (Compressed Gauze)

Compressed gauze sterile (Compressed Gauze)

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NAR Compressed Gauze is an ultra-compact roll of high quality, sterile, 100% cotton gauze that uses a unique crinkled fabric that has excellent moisture absorption. It is a 6-ply, 4.5" x 4.1 yd. gauze with finished edges to reduce loose ends or lint. The gauze is indicated for the management of bleeding and dressing and bandaging wounds. NAR's Compressed Gauze features a patented packaging process that ensures the most consistent, low-cube packaging on the market. The packaging is a robust and durable vacuum-sealed container with easy-open tear notches. The ultra-compact storage format expands once opened to cover larger wound areas. The compressed gauze from NAR is an essential item for any medical kit and can be used to control bleeding in conjunction with a compression bandage, used as a gauze for haemostatic dressing or for wound dressing.

Why buy a compressed gauze?

  • The compressed, rolled gauze is ideal for bandaging wounds and wrapping injuries
  • Unique crinkle weave ensures excellent moisture absorption
  • Ultra-compact size that expands to cover larger wound areas
  • Used as a support gauze for haemostatic agents, in conjunction with a compression bandage to control bleeding
  • Produced from 100% cotton

What is a compressed gauze used for?

The compressed gauze is used for acute bleeding and ensures a high absorption capacity. The gauze can be used for large wounds and as a bandage to act as a pressure bandage and to stop severe and large bleeding.

The pressed gauzes are packed individually and are available in sizes. In the world of First Aid & Emergency Response, the compressed gauze is also referred to as compressed gauze, gauze, nar gauze or pressed gauze. Make sure that the trauma bandage is always present in the first aid kit or first aid kit and that the contents are complete and checked annually.

The pressed mesh is the new addition to the latest standard of the Orange Cross concerning the first aid kit .

  • Dimensions: 3.75 m x 11.4 cm
  • Vacuum packed
  • Suitable for defence, police, fire brigade, industry and construction
  • Fixed part of the 2021 guideline according to the orange cross
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