KaWe Otoscope Tips Gray 2.5mm & 4.0mm Set

KaWe Otoscope Tips Gray 2.5mm & 4.0mm Set

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Optimize your otoscopic examination with KaWe 01.72211.001 specula

Make your otoscopic examinations more complete with the KaWe 01.72211.001 otoscope tips, an essential addition for any medical professional. This set contains 10 otoscope tips in two different sizes: 2.5mm and 4mm, perfect for accurate diagnosis in patients of all ages. The tips come in a stylish anthracite color, making them a discreet but professional addition to your medical equipment.

These otoscope tips are specially designed for use with various KaWe otoscopes, including the KaWe EUROLIGHT FO, KaWe COMBILIGHT FO, and KaWe PICCOLIGHT C and FO models. Their versatility makes them a valuable investment for any practice.

In addition to the pack of 10, these otoscope tips are also available in a bulk pack of 100, so you always have enough stock for your daily needs. By choosing KaWe otoscope tips, you assure yourself of quality, hygiene and ease of use, essential for any otoscopic procedure.

Why choose KaWe 01.72211.001 otoscope tips?

  • Various sizes : Includes both 2.5mm and 4mm tips, suitable for different research needs.
  • Perfect fit : Specifically designed for KaWe EUROLIGHT FO, COMBILIGHT FO, and PICCOLIGHT C and FO models.
  • High-quality design : Anthracite-colored tips manufactured for single use to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Wide compatibility : Fits all KaWe otoscopes, making these tips versatile in your practice.
  • Packaging convenience : Supplied in a handy set of 10 pieces, also available in bulk packs of 1000 pieces for larger practices.
  • Reliable and hygienic : Guaranteed KaWe quality, single-use designed to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and safety.

Contents of the package:

  • KaWe 01.72211.001 otoscope tips, 10 pieces (5 of each size: 2.5 mm & 4 mm), in anthracite.

Product specifications KaWe 01.72211.001 specula

  • KaWe article number: 01.72211.001
  • Contents: 10 pieces
  • Dimensions: 5 x Ø 2.5, 5 x Ø 4 mm
  • Color tips: Anthracite

2,5 mm
4 mm
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