KaWe Piccolight FO 2.5V LED Otoscope Stone

KaWe Piccolight FO 2.5V LED Otoscope Stone

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KaWe Piccolight FO LED otoscope in pure white: An essential tool for every professional

Meet the KaWe Piccolight FO LED Otoscope, your new indispensable instrument in a fresh white design. This modern and handy tool is a game changer for medical professionals who strive for precision in their diagnostic work. With its integrated closure, the Piccolight otoscope is not only ideal for standard otoscopic examinations, but also perfectly suitable for pneumatic otoscopy.

This LED version of the Piccolight comes with an innovative swiveling magnifier, which amplifies the light up to three times for a clear and detailed view of the eardrum and ear canal. The specifications don't lie: with an illuminance of approximately 4,200 Lux at a distance of 15 mm and an impressive LED lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours, this otoscope offers exceptional performance that will take your examinations to the next level.

Robust, shock-resistant and energy-saving - these features make the Piccolight FO LED otoscope a reliable choice for busy practices. Supplied with an AA battery handle, 20 disposable funnels in two sizes, and a practical pouch, you're ready to use straight away.

Choose the KaWe Piccolight FO LED Otoscope in white and experience for yourself how this elegant but powerful instrument can simplify and improve your daily diagnostic procedures.

Advantages of the KaWe Piccolight FO LED otoscope

  • Advanced FO LED lighting : Provides an illuminance of approximately 4,200 Lux for bright, clear images.
  • Long lifespan of LED : Approx. 50,000 hours, meaning replacement is rarely necessary.
  • Pneumatic otoscopy : Possible thanks to an integrated closure.
  • Energy-saving and shockproof : Designed for durable and reliable use.
  • Swiveling magnifier : For magnified view and easy inspection.
  • Convenient and portable : Includes handle, storage bag and 20 disposable eartips.
  • Battery handle AA : For ease of use and easy battery replacement.
  • Includes pouch : For safe storage and transport.

Why KaWe?

KaWe is a renowned brand that stands for innovation and quality in medical instrumentation. By purchasing a KaWe Piccolight FO LED otoscope you choose an instrument that perfectly combines precision, durability and ease of use. Suitable for professionals who are looking for reliable equipment that supports them in diagnosis and treatment. Choose KaWe and experience the benefits of top quality medical instruments.

Product specifications KaWe Piccolight FO LED otoscope

  • KaWe article number: 01.13500.262
  • Colour White
  • Voltage: 2.5V
  • Lighting: LED
  • Handle type: AA battery handle
Type of lighting
F.O. Fiber Optic
Type of Battery
AA Battery
2 Years
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