HeltiQ Fat Cotton 50gr.

HeltiQ Fat Cotton 50gr.

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Buy greasy cotton wool? Discover the versatility of oily HeltiQ cotton wool.

What are greasy cotton wool?

Greasy cotton wool is an essential dressing material that consists of a soft and easily absorbent material that is infused with a greasy substance. This combination makes greasy cotton wool extremely suitable for various medical and care purposes. The HeltiQ oily cotton wool is extremely suitable for blisters or to protect blisters and ensures less friction on the body part.

How do I use greasy cotton wool?

The use of greasy cotton wool is simple and effective:

  1. Wound Care: Place greasy cotton wool around the wound to create a protective barrier and reduce friction. This promotes the healing process and prevents dressings from sticking to the wound.
  2. Moisture management: Oily cotton wool can be used to trap and absorb excess moisture around a wound.
  3. Ear care: In the medical world, greasy cotton wool is often used for applying ear drops or for protecting the ears against water while showering or swimming.
  4. Treatment of calluses: Oily cotton wool can be used to soften calluses and reduce pain.

Where are greasy cotton wool used?

Oily cotton wool is widely used in healthcare, home care and first aid applications. They are a valuable dressing material for wound care, moisture regulation and protection against external influences. Oily cotton wool is also a popular product in pharmacies because of its versatile applications.

Order greasy cotton wool for various applications now

Whether you are a healthcare professional, a first aid enthusiast or a caring parent, greasy cotton wool should not be missing in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet. With us you can buy high-quality greasy cotton wool that meets all quality requirements.

With our greasy cotton wool you are prepared for different situations and you can care for and protect wounds in a safe and hygienic way. Add greasy cotton wool to your medical supply and experience the versatility and effectiveness of this valuable dressing aid.

Order greasy cotton wool now and benefit from fast delivery and excellent service. Discover the many applications of oily cotton wool and ensure optimal care and protection for wound and ear care, moisture regulation and more!


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