MTS Euro products Handkerchiefs/Facial Tissues 2-ply, white 100 pcs.

MTS Euro products Handkerchiefs/Facial Tissues 2-ply, white 100 pcs.

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Buy tissues? Discover the usefulness of tissues and why they are indispensable!

Do you want to buy high-quality tissues that provide a soft and hygienic experience? With us you can buy various types of tissues that meet all your needs. Find out when you need a tissue and learn more about the tissue production process.

When do I need a tissue?

A tissue is useful in many situations where you need a quick and easy solution for hygiene and comfort. You need a tissue in the following cases:

  • To wipe your nose when you have a cold, allergies or a runny nose.
  • To gently wipe away tears or make-up.
  • To blot excess moisture or sweat from your face.
  • To clean your hands and remove bacteria.
  • To wipe and clean surfaces or objects.
  • To clean up spilled food or drinks.

With tissues at hand, you are always ready to react quickly and hygienically in different situations.

How are tissues made?

Tissues are made from soft and absorbent materials, such as paper pulp or cellulose fibers. The production process includes the following steps:

  1. Selecting high-quality raw materials suitable for the production of tissues.
  2. The raw materials are ground into fibers and mixed with water to form a paper pulp.
  3. The paper pulp is spread on a sieve or gauze to form an even layer.
  4. The layer is pressed and dried to remove excess moisture.
  5. The dried layer is then rolled up into large rolls.
  6. The large rolls are cut into individual tissues and then packaged.

The result is a soft, absorbent and versatile tissue suitable for various applications.

Order tissues today and enjoy the convenience and comfort they provide in different situations! Euro products tissues are gentle on the skin and comfortable to use. The tissues are extra strong and have a high absorbent capacity. Thanks to the special opening at the top, the tissue box opens easily without tearing the box apart. The facial tissues from Euro products can be used almost anywhere; ideal to have in stock!


  • Colour White
  • Size: 20 x 20 cm
  • 2 layer
  • Packaging: 100 tissues per dispenser, 36 dispensers per box
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