HEKA grip tubular bandage beige D1 meter non sterile 1pc.

HEKA grip tubular bandage beige D1 meter non sterile 1pc.

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The net bandage, also called tubular bandage, is used and applied for mild forms of edema, after plaster treatment and for straining of tendons and ligaments. The flexible and stretchy bandage allows the bandage to easily adapt to the body shape. Easily cut the bandage to the right shape with bandage scissors.

Why buy tubular bandages?

  • Skin-friendly
  • Washable and reusable
  • Adapts to the body part

Which tubular bandage do I need for which part of the body?

The net bandage / tube bandage consists of different numbers that are suitable for different body parts. Below you will find which net bandage is suitable for which size and width of the body part:

  • C1 - 15 -24 cm
  • D1 - 25 - 35 cm
  • E1 - 36 - 44.5 cm
  • F1 - 45 - 50 cm

How is the tubular bandage used?

Measure the correct size of the limb and make sure you know which tube bandage is needed. The handy table on the packaging ensures that the right product is chosen for the right injury. When using, pull the tubular bandage over the limb so that it creates the correct layer.

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