Cavilon 3M 3392GS Barrier Cream 20 Sachets

Cavilon 3M 3392GS Barrier Cream 20 Sachets

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3M Cavilon, cream developed for the protection of your skin. Often used after surgery or, for example, by cyclists to protect the skin between the legs. Packed in sachets of 2 grams.


Buy 3M Cavilon Cream? Effective protection for dry and chafing skin!

Why use Cavilon Cream?

3M Cavilon Cream is an advanced skin protectant specially formulated for dry and chafing skin. It forms an invisible barrier on the skin that protects against irritation and chafing. This cream is ideal for people who are prone to skin problems caused by friction, such as chafing from clothing, bandages or medical equipment. The unique formula of Cavilon Cream offers long-lasting protection and care for dry skin. It also helps soothe existing skin irritations and prevent them from getting worse. Whether you are active, at work or have a medical condition, Cavilon Crème ensures comfortable and healthy skin.

How do I use 3M Cavilon Cream?

Using Cavilon Crème is simple and effective: Cleanse the skin thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel. Apply a thin layer of Cavilon Crème to dry and chafing areas of the skin. Gently massage the cream until it is completely absorbed by the skin. Allow the cream to dry completely before applying any clothing or bandages. Cavilon Crème can be used daily, depending on your skin's needs. It is suitable for adults and children and can be safely used on sensitive skin areas.

Buy 3M Cavilon Cream: your ideal skin protector!

With 3M Cavilon Cream you protect your skin from irritation and chafing, so you can focus on the things that matter to you. Whether you have an active lifestyle, are recovering from a medical procedure or just need extra care for your dry skin, Cavilon Cream is your ideal skin protector. The cream is non-greasy, hypoallergenic and long-lasting, making it a reliable choice for daily use. It is also available in convenient packaging, such as Cavilon Spray, which is easy and quick to apply. With Cavilon Cream you are assured of comfort and protection for your skin, wherever you are. Prevent discomfort and irritation caused by dry and chafing skin and order your 3M Cavilon Cream now! Buy 3M Cavilon Cream? Choose effective protection and care for your dry and chafing skin with Cavilon Cream, your ideal skin protector!


  • Contents: 20x sachet 2 grams
  • HS Code: 3304990000
  • HCBG Z-index: 14862514
  • Suitable for wound care, home care and long-term care
  • Extremely suitable for cyclists and racing cyclists

What are the benefits of 3M Cavilon?

  • Protects the skin against incontinence dermatitis (IAD) while moisturizing at the same time
  • Provides a breathable barrier to promote skin health
  • Resistant to washing, eliminating the need for frequent application
  • Tapes and bandages can simply adhere
  • Helps to limit the amount of product used thanks to its concentrated composition
  • Absorbs quickly and allows essential skin inspection

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