Buy, order, Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97250-MBIL LED Macroview
Buy, order, Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97250-MBIL LED Macroview
Buy, order, Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97250-MBIL LED Macroview
Buy, order, Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97250-MBIL LED Macroview
Buy, order, Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97250-MBIL LED Macroview
Buy, order, Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97250-MBIL LED Macroview

Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97250-MBIL LED Macroview incl. Hardcase

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Take your diagnostic skills to the next level with the Welch Allyn 97250-MBIL LED Macroview Diagnostic Kit

The Welch Allyn 97250-MBIL LED Macroview Diagnostic Set is synonymous with quality and innovation in medical diagnostics. Equipped with advanced features of the Welch Allyn MacroView otoscope, this set is designed to provide healthcare professionals and students alike with superior diagnostic tools.

Features of the MacroView Otoscope (23810-L):

  • Experience a near-complete view of the eardrum with a field of view approximately twice as large and offering 30% greater magnification than traditional otoscopes.
  • Enjoy better clarity and definition of landmarks in the ear, with the ability to adjust focus for variable ear canal lengths or farsighted eyes.
  • The tip handle ensures secure attachment and easy ejection of ear specula, while the fiber optic technology produces cool light without reflections or obstructions.

Features of the Coaxial Ophthalmoscope (11720-L):

  • The patented Welch Allyn coaxial vision system provides easier access to the eye, a larger field of view and less glare compared to standard ophthalmoscopes.
  • An LED light provides a shadow-free spot and easier access to undiluted pupils, with 18 unique aperture/filter combinations for greater versatility.
  • The polarizing filter virtually eliminates corneal reflection and the sealed optics keep out dust and dirt.

This complete set comes with a 3.5v Prestige LED handle for each instrument, so you are always provided with the necessary energy for your diagnostic tasks. Furthermore, the durability and ease of use of these instruments allows you to work with confidence and precision.

Benefits of the Welch Allyn diagnostic set 97250-MBIL LED Macroview

  • 3.5v coaxial ophthalmoscope : With Halogen HPX lamp for bright, white light output and true tissue color.
  • Shadow-free spot : Thanks to coaxial optics for easier access to undiluted pupils.
  • 28 Focusing Lenses : Offer a range of -25 to +40 diopters for extensive diagnostic capabilities.
  • 3.5v Diagnostic Otoscope : With Halogen HPX lamp for true tissue color and long lasting performance.
  • Fiber optic technology : Projects cool light onto the distal tip without reflections or obstructions.
  • Long-lasting LED lamp : In both the otoscope and ophthalmoscope for long-lasting and superior illumination.
  • Wide-angle lens : Allows instrumentation under magnification.
  • Coaxial LED Ophthalmoscope : Facilitates ophthalmoscopy with less glare and a larger field of view.
  • Cobalt blue and polarizing filter : For detailed examinations and elimination of corneal reflection.
  • Sealed optics : Keeps dust and dirt out, ensuring a clean view.

Why Welch Allyn?

Welch Allyn is known worldwide for its excellence in medical diagnostic instruments. By choosing the 97250-MBIL set, you choose a product from a company that puts innovation and quality first. This kit offers everything you need for comprehensive diagnostic tests, packed into a convenient and portable solution. Trust Welch Allyn for your diagnostic needs and experience the difference in precision and reliability.

Product Specifications Welch Allyn 97250-MBIL Diagnostic Kit

  • Welch Allyn part number: 97250-MBIL
  • Lighting: LED - Macroview
  • Voltage: 3.5V
  • Includes handle
  • Warranty: 1 year
Type of lighting
Type of Battery
C-Cell Battery
Type of Ophthalmoscope
Type of Otoscope
Additional features
Cobalt Blue Filter
Insufflation Port
Red Free Filter
Specula Ejector
Welch Allyn
10 Jaar
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Ordered before 17:00 is delivered the next day.
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