Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97200-BI Professional PLUS
Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97200-BI Professional PLUS
Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97200-BI Professional PLUS
Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97200-BI Professional PLUS

Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97200-BI Professional PLUS

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Welch Allyn 97200-BI professional PLUS diagnostic set: Precision and comfort in medical diagnostics

Introducing the Welch Allyn 97200-BI Professional PLUS Diagnostic Kit, an essential toolkit for any medical professional who strives for accuracy and patient comfort. This set includes a coaxial ophthalmoscope and a diagnostic otoscope, both designed to simplify and improve diagnostic examination.

The coaxial ophthalmoscope provides easy access to the eye, an expanded field of view and minimizes glare, while the diagnostic otoscope, with its fiber optic technology and wide-angle objective lens, provides clear visualization of the ear. Both instruments feature LED lighting that not only extends both lamp and battery life, but also reduces heat generation for a more comfortable patient experience.

Benefits of LED in this set include:

  • An impressive lifespan of 20,000 hours, making LED last 30 times longer than traditional halogen lamps.
  • Three times longer battery life of the 3.5V handle with LED.
  • Lower heat development for a more pleasant patient experience.

The set comes with:

  • 1 diagnostic otoscope and 1 coaxial ophthalmoscope, each equipped with advanced LED lighting.
  • 1 C-Cell battery handle for reliable energy.
  • 1 hard carrying case for protection and portability.
  • 4 reusable speculae in different sizes for versatile applications.
  • Batteries included for immediate use.

The diagnostic otoscope offers superior tissue color rendering and long-lasting performance thanks to the fiber optic LED lamp. The wide-angle viewing lens allows examination under magnification and also includes a throat illuminator for added functionality.

The coaxial ophthalmoscope, with its LED lamp, produces true tissue color and consistent performance. The shadow-free spot and access to undiluted pupils, together with 6 different apertures and 28 focus lenses, make it an indispensable tool for any eye diagnosis.

With a 7-year warranty, the Welch Allyn 97200-BI Professional PLUS diagnostic set guarantees quality and reliability, so your investment is well protected. Choose this set and take your medical diagnostics to the next level with Welch Allyn's trusted quality and innovation.

Benefits of the Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 97200-BI Professional PLUS

  • LED lighting : With a lifespan of 20,000 hours, LED offers 30x longer durability than standard halogen lamps.
  • Efficient battery life : The 3.5V handle has 3x longer battery life with LED, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Patient comfort : Lower heat development for increased comfort during examinations.
  • Durability : Guaranteed 7 years, which stands for quality and reliability.
  • Supplied complete : Includes diagnostic otoscope, coaxial ophthalmoscope, C-Cell battery handle, hard carrying case, 4 reusable speculae and batteries.
  • Diagnostic otoscope : With LED lamp for improved tissue color and fiber optic product for cool light without reflections.
  • Coaxial ophthalmoscope : LED lamp provides true tissue color and coaxial optics for a shadow-free spotlight.
  • Versatility : Includes 6 apertures and 28 focusing lenses for a wide range of diagnostic needs.

Why Welch Allyn?

Welch Allyn is synonymous with innovation, quality and precision in the world of medical diagnostic instruments. By choosing the 97200-BI Professional PLUS set, you invest in a reliable partner for your medical practice. Welch Allyn products are designed to meet the high demands of professionals and provide the best diagnostic experience. Choose Welch Allyn and experience the security of working with top quality medical instruments.

Product Specifications Welch Allyn 97200-BI Diagnostic Kit

  • Welch Allyn part number: 97200-BI
  • Works on AA batteries
  • Lighting: LED
  • Includes handle
  • Warranty: 10 years
Type of Battery
C-Cell Battery
Type of Ophthalmoscope
Type of Otoscope
Type of lighting
Welch Allyn
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