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Tiger Balm Red 19 gr.

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Buy Tiger Balm Red? Relieve pain and promote recovery with Tiger Balm

Looking for a powerful balm to relieve pain and promote recovery? Tiger Balm Red is the ideal choice. With this special formula you can relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce stiffness and speed up the recovery process. At Tiger Balm, we understand that pain can hinder your daily activities, which is why we developed this balm to provide you with relief.

Why use Tiger Balm Red?

Tiger Balm Red offers several benefits for pain relief and recovery. Here are some reasons why you should choose Tiger Balm Red:

  • Powerful Pain Relief: Tiger Balm Red contains a unique combination of natural ingredients, including menthol and camphor, that work together to relieve pain and promote blood flow.
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain: The balm can help relieve muscle and joint pain, such as sprains, bruises, arthritis and stiff muscles.
  • Improves Mobility: Tiger Balm Red can reduce stiffness and improve joint mobility, making it easier for you to move.
  • Promotes recovery: By promoting blood flow, Tiger Balm Red can speed up the recovery process, allowing you to recover faster from injuries or overload.

With Tiger Balm Red you can relieve pain and promote your recovery. It is an essential product for anyone looking for effective pain relief and recovery support.

When to use Tiger Balm Red?

Tiger Balm Red can be used at various times to relieve pain and promote recovery. Here are some situations where you can use Tiger Balm Red:

  • Muscle and Joint Pain: Apply Tiger Balm Red to sore muscles and joints to experience instant relief from sprains, bruises, arthritis or stiff muscles.
  • Overload: If you have overloaded your muscles due to intensive physical activity, Tiger Balm Red can help to reduce pain and promote recovery.
  • Stiff muscles: Use Tiger Balm Red to reduce muscle stiffness and improve mobility, especially after prolonged inactivity or upon waking.
  • Relief during sports activities: Apply Tiger Balm Red before or after exercise to warm up or relax the muscles and reduce the risk of injury.

With Tiger Balm Red you can relieve pain in a powerful and natural way and promote your recovery. Order Tiger Balm Red now and experience the relief you deserve.

Camphor BP 11%, Menthol BP 10%, Cajuput Oil BPC 7%, Dementholised Mint Oil BP 6%, Clove Oil (containing Eugenol) 5%, Cassia Oil BP 5%, Paraffin and Petrolatum qs

A fingertip is often enough.

Do not apply to irritated skin, mucous membranes or eyes. May discolor clothing. It is advisable to cover the rubbed parts, so that the effect lasts even longer.

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