Showa 690 PVC High Risk gloves 1 pair

Showa 690 PVC High Risk gloves 1 pair

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Want to buy SHOWA 690 High Risk gloves? Choose PVC Protection when working with chemicals

With us you can easily buy the high-quality SHOWA 690 high risk gloves, an indispensable choice for optimal protection. But why should you invest in the PVC SHOWA high risk gloves? These gloves not only provide reliable protection, but also meet strict safety standards. Whether you work in demanding conditions or with hazardous substances, the SHOWA 690 gloves are your reliable partner.

Why PVC SHOWA high risk gloves?

The PVC SHOWA high risk gloves are designed to protect your hands against a wide range of hazards. With their PVC construction they offer excellent resistance to chemicals, oils and other harmful substances. In addition, they meet the most stringent standards, including EN 388:2003 for mechanical risks, EN 374-1:2003 for chemical risks and EN 374-2:2003 for microorganisms. This means you can rely on their quality and protection in even the most challenging environments.

Which sectors use the SHOWA 690 gloves?

The SHOWA 690 gloves are widely used in industries where protection is of paramount importance. Think of the chemical industry, fisheries, municipal services and the oil & gas industry. Whether you're working with hazardous materials, raw materials or industrial processes, these gloves provide the reliability and durability you need. With their PVC construction they provide an effective barrier against oils, chemicals and other potentially harmful substances.

Order your SHOWA 690 High Risk gloves today

Choose optimal protection with the SHOWA 690 high risk gloves. Whether you work in the chemical industry, on board a ship or perform industrial tasks, these gloves are designed to keep your hands safe. Order today and ensure fast delivery and reliable PVC gloves that meet your specific needs.

Specifications SHOW 690 High Risk gloves

  • Brand: SHOWA
  • Certifications: EN 388:2003, EN 374-1:2003, EN 374-2:2003
  • Color blue
  • Size: Available in different sizes
Glove Quality
Medical EN374
Medical EN388
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