Foam fire extinguisher Flameline Fluorine-free 6L

Foam fire extinguisher Flameline Fluorine-free 6L

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Buy fluorine-free fire extinguisher?

Extinguish fire safely and environmentally friendly with a fluorine-free fire extinguisher

Are you considering buying a fluorine-free fire extinguisher? A wise choice! A fluorine-free fire extinguisher offers a safe and environmentally friendly solution for extinguishing fires. With a fluorine-free fire extinguisher you can effectively fight fires while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Advantages of a fluorine-free fire extinguisher

A fluorine-free fire extinguisher offers several advantages over traditional fire extinguishers. Some of these benefits include: Environmentally friendly: Fluorine-free fire extinguishers do not contain harmful fluorine compounds, which can harm the environment and the ozone layer. By choosing a fluorine-free fire extinguisher, you contribute to a more sustainable and cleaner environment. Safety: Fluorine-free fire extinguishers are just as effective as traditional fire extinguishers in fighting fires. They are designed to respond quickly and extinguish effectively, making them a reliable choice for emergency situations. Widely Applicable: Fluorine-free fire extinguishers can be used in a variety of environments, such as homes, offices, shops and vehicles. They are suitable for extinguishing different classes of fire, including fires caused by solids, liquids and gases. Easy to use: Fluorine-free fire extinguishers are designed with ease of use in mind. They have clear instructions and are easy to handle, even for people without specific training in firefighting.


  1. A fluorine-free fire extinguisher does not contain PFAS.
  2. The foam in a fluorine-free fire extinguisher is readily biodegradable.
  3. Will become mandatory in the short term nav. of stricter legal regulations

When is a fluorine-free fire extinguisher mandatory?

Legal requirements for fire extinguishers

The obligation to have a fire extinguisher may vary depending on the location and use of the building. In the Netherlands, the legal requirements for fire extinguishers are laid down in the Building Decree. The Building Decree prescribes that buildings must meet certain fire safety requirements, including having sufficient and suitable fire extinguishers. The use of a fluorine-free fire extinguisher can be in line with an organization's environmental objectives and sustainability policy. Although the use of a fluorine-free fire extinguisher is not currently mandatory, it can still be a conscious choice to meet sustainability standards and reduce environmental impact.

When a foam fire extinguisher?

Effectively extinguish fires with a foam fire extinguisher

A foam fire extinguisher is an excellent choice for extinguishing fires caused by solids and liquids, such as wood, paper, textiles, gasoline, oil and solvents. A foam fire extinguisher combines the extinguishing properties of water and foam, making it a versatile and effective extinguishing agent. There are several situations where a foam fire extinguisher can be used: In homes: A foam fire extinguisher is a good choice for extinguishing fires in the home, such as fires in the kitchen, living room or garage. It can be used to extinguish fires caused by electrical appliances, flammable materials and liquids. In the office: A foam fire extinguisher is also suitable for use in the office, where fires can be caused by electrical equipment, paper, furniture and other combustible materials. It offers an effective extinguishing solution without causing much damage. In vehicles: A foam fire extinguisher is an essential safety device in vehicles, such as cars, RVs and boats. It can be used to extinguish fires caused by fuel leaks or electrical faults. In shops and companies: Foam fire extinguishers are also suitable for use in shops and companies where flammable substances may be present. They can effectively extinguish fires and minimize property damage.


  • Extinguishing Foam
  • Content 6 litres
  • Fire class AF Extinguishing rating 21A 75F
  • With pressure gauge and RTK number, incl. MED approval
  • Operating temperature 5°C to 60°C
  • Electrically safe (1000 volts)
  • Working pressure 10 bar

Extinguishing rating
21 A / 75 F
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