Schuimblusser 2 Liter Vetblusser ABF (-30°C)
Schuimblusser 2 Liter Vetblusser ABF (-30°C)
Schuimblusser 2 Liter Vetblusser ABF (-30°C)
Schuimblusser 2 Liter Vetblusser ABF (-30°C)

Fire Extinguisher Foam 2LTR Flameline Grease Extinguisher ABF (-30°C)

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Buy Foam Extinguisher or Flameline Foam Extinguisher? Go for the 2 Liter ABF Foam Extinguisher for Efficient Fire Fighting!

Are you looking for an effective foam extinguisher and are you unsure between the regular foam extinguisher and the Flameline foam extinguisher? The 2 liter ABF foam extinguisher from Flameline offers a powerful solution for extinguishing solids (fire class A), liquids (fire class B) and grease fires (fire class F). With this versatile spray foam extinguisher you are optimally prepared for different types of fires.

When Do You Need a 2 Liter ABF Foam Extinguisher?

The 2 liter ABF foam extinguisher is essential in situations where acting quickly in the event of a starting fire is crucial. With its compact size and versatile extinguishing capacity, this small fire extinguisher is perfect for use in kitchens, catering establishments and other areas where there is a risk of fire from grease fires. Thanks to the ABF classification, this foam extinguisher is also suitable for extinguishing grease fires, such as frying fires.

Why a Flameline Fire Extinguisher?

The Flameline foam extinguisher guarantees reliability and high quality. The 2 liter ABF foam extinguisher from Flameline is designed according to the latest standards and meets all safety regulations. With this spray foam extinguisher you have an effective extinguishing agent that is extremely suitable for extinguishing various fire classes, including solids, liquids and grease fires.

Versatile and Effective

The 2 liter ABF foam extinguisher is versatile and can be used effectively for various types of fires. Whether it's a smoldering paper bin, a burning pan with oil or grease, or a burning trash can with plastics, this foam fire extinguisher can handle it all. With its compact size, this small fire extinguisher is easy to handle and quickly deployable.

Invest in your safety and that of others with the 2 liter ABF foam extinguisher from Flameline. With this versatile and powerful foam fire extinguisher you are prepared for various fire hazards and you can immediately respond adequately to a starting fire. Choose the reliability and quality of Flameline and assure yourself of effective fire fighting in various situations.

The foam extinguisher 2 liter VET ABF Flameline FV2 can be used almost anywhere. The Foam extinguisher 2 liter ABF is a widely used fire extinguisher for private individuals. It is very suitable for the kitchen because it also has fire class F, which means that it is better to extinguish grease fires than with an ordinary foam extinguisher. With a foam extinguisher without fire class F, the grease will ignite itself again after some time.

  • Suitable for solids and liquid fires and small grease fires.
  • Application: office buildings, homes, caravan, workshop and kitchen.


  • Weight: 2 Liters
  • Fire class: ABF
  • Height: 45 cm
  • Width: 13 cm
  • Weight 3 KG
  • Suitable for: Passenger cars, van, truck, kitchen & office
  • Spray duration 12 seconds
  • Spray range: 4 meters
  • Extinguishing rating 8 A / 55 B / 40 F
  • Material: Metal
  • Suitable for temperatures from -30 °C to plus 60 °C
8 A / 55 B / 40 F
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