Poederblusser Flameline 12 KG ABC

Powder extinguisher Flameline 12 KG ABC

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Buy powder extinguisher or powder extinguisher Flameline? Go for the 12 KG Flameline Fire Extinguisher for Maximum Safety!

Are you considering purchasing a powder extinguisher and are you wondering whether you should opt for the standard powder extinguisher or the Flameline powder extinguisher? For maximum safety and extinguishing power, the 12 kg Flameline fire extinguisher is the ideal choice. This powerful extinguisher is perfect for larger spaces such as offices, warehouses, factories and workshops.

When Do You Need a 12 KG Powder Extinguisher?

The 12 kg powder extinguisher is ideal for larger areas where extra extinguishing capacity is required. Think of offices with multiple floors, large warehouses, factory halls and areas with a higher fire risk. Due to the higher weight and larger capacity, this extinguisher can effectively deal with fires in solids, liquids and gases.

How many 12 KG Powder extinguishers per m2 from Flameline?

The amount of fire extinguishers required depends on several factors, such as the size of the room, the fire risk and the location of fire-prone objects. As a general guideline, it is recommended to install at least one 12 kg powder extinguisher per 200 square meters in offices and workshops. In areas with a higher fire risk or where flammable materials are stored, it may be necessary to install additional extinguishers.

Fire protection with Flameline Fire Extinguishers

The Flameline fire extinguishers guarantee quality and reliability. They meet all legal requirements and are provided with a CE mark. The 12 kg powder extinguisher is equipped with a pressure indicator, making control and operation simple.

Invest in the safety of your office, warehouse or workshop and choose the 12 kg Flameline fire extinguisher. With this powerful powder extinguisher you are optimally prepared to fight incipient fires.

Choose the Flameline fire extinguisher for maximum safety and protection. Invest in your safety and that of others with the reliable and powerful 12 kg Flameline powder extinguisher.

Powder extinguishers with a capacity of 12 kg are activated by letting the valve (squeeze mound) with nitrogen N2 propellant escape into the room. As a result, the extinguishing powder is expelled under pressure. The advantage with this valve is that you can determine the extinguishing time (rating), for example by extinguishing "shocking". Powder extinguishers are very suitable for extinguishing fires in the ABC class. However, they are less suitable for extinguishing electrical equipment. When extinguishing, a powder is released that really gets into everything. However, powder extinguishers extinguish very effectively and are therefore extremely suitable for extinguishing quickly when collateral damage is of minor importance.

Powder extinguishers with a capacity of 12 kg have a handle and a hose for easy handling. Also suitable for outdoor use, powder extinguishers are frost resistant.


  • Weight: 12KG
  • Fire class: ABC
  • Height: 55 cm
  • Width: 30 cm
  • Weight 18 KG
  • Suitable for: Offices, warehouse & home
  • Spray duration 27 seconds
  • Spray range: 5 meters
  • Extinguishing rating 55 A / 233 B
  • Material: Metal
  • Suitable for temperatures from -30 °C to plus 60 °C
55A / 233B
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