Poederblusser Flameline 1 KG ABC

Powder extinguisher Flameline 1 KG ABC

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Buy powder extinguisher or powder extinguisher Flameline? Choose Maximum Security!

Are you unsure between a regular powder extinguisher and the Flameline Powder Extinguisher? Opt for maximum safety and go for the 1 kg Flameline fire extinguisher. This compact extinguisher is an excellent choice for use at home or in vehicles.

When Do You Need a 1KG Powder Extinguisher?

The 1 kg powder extinguisher is ideal for smaller spaces, such as an office, car, camper or boat. It is a handy extinguisher to intervene quickly in small fires. The 1 kg Flameline powder extinguisher has a rapid extinguishing effect and is suitable for fighting fires in solids, liquids and gases.

Why a Flameline Fire Extinguisher?

The Flameline fire extinguishers are of high quality and are known for their reliability. They meet all legal requirements and are provided with a CE mark. The Flameline powder extinguishers are equipped with a pressure gauge, with which you can easily check whether the extinguisher is still under pressure. This ensures a longer service life and long-term reliability.

Maximum Security for Office and Home

With the 1 kg Flameline powder extinguisher you can act quickly and effectively in the event of a starting fire. This compact extinguisher is easy to handle and takes up little space. Place the Flameline powder extinguisher in strategic places, such as in the kitchen, workspace or car, and be prepared for emergencies.

Opt for maximum safety and protection of your office, home or vehicle with the 1 kg Flameline fire extinguisher. Invest in your peace of mind and that of others by choosing this reliable and powerful powder extinguisher.

Powder extinguishers can be used in fire class ABC, for liquid, solid and gas fires. The 1 kg powder extinguisher has a spray time of 12 seconds and a spray range of 2 meters. This 1 kg powder extinguisher is most often purchased by private individuals and companies.

The powder fire extinguisher is very suitable for small spaces, without expensive equipment. The extinguishing agent in a powder extinguisher causes collateral damage, making electrical equipment useless. Use the spray extinguisher on small fires in warehouses or at outdoor locations. Powder extinguishers are frost resistant.


  • Weight: 1KG
  • Fire class: ABC
  • Height: 36 cm
  • Diameter: 8.5cm
  • Suitable for: passenger cars, trucks, home
  • High extinguishing power
  • Extinguishing rating 8 A / 34 B
  • Material: Metal
8 A / 34 B
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