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Tana NOWA tanin oil and fat dissolver 10L, 1 pc / ds

Tana NOWA tanin oil and fat dissolver 10L, 1 pc / ds

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NOWA tanin is a powerful oil and fat dissolver for the food industry. NOWA tanin effortlessly removes mineral, vegetable and animal fats and oils, but also stubborn dirt such as soot, tar and metal and rubber stripes. Perfume-free and low in foaming.


For cleaning floors and parts in workshops, production halls, production lines, warehouses, canteens, industrial kitchens and food processing companies
For use in a scrubber drier, with a brush, wet mop and high-pressure cleaner
Do not use on wood, aluminum and linoleum
Suitable for professional use
Packing: 10 L

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