Mueller Kinesio Tape Pink 5cm x 5m

Mueller Kinesiotape Pink 5cm x 5 meters

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Buy Kinesio tape? Get the most out of your performance with Mueller Kinesio Tape!

Why use kinesio tape?

Kinesio tape, also known as kinesiology tape or cure tape, is an indispensable tool for anyone who is active in sports and fitness. This elastic tape offers countless benefits for your muscles and joints, optimizing your performance and preventing injuries. Mueller Kinesio Tape is designed to support your body's natural movement while providing stability and comfort. It helps improve blood circulation, reduce pain and relax muscles, allowing you to keep moving with confidence. Whether you are a professional athlete or just like to be active, kinesio tape is the ideal companion to get the best out of yourself and keep your body in top condition.

With which body parts can I use kinesiology tape?

Kinesiology tape is versatile and can be used on different body areas to improve performance and reduce discomfort. Some popular applications are:

  • Foot Tape: Kinesio Tape can be used to support the arch of the foot, reduce flat foot pain and improve ankle stability.
  • Leg tape: For relieving muscle tension and supporting tired muscles in the leg, such as the calf muscles.
  • Ankle tape: Kinesio tape can help prevent sprains and support recovery from ankle injuries.
  • Knee tape: For reducing knee pain and supporting the knee joints during intense activities.
  • Shoulder tape: To provide stability and reduce pain for shoulder problems.
  • Tape for the back: For relieving tension and pain in the back muscles.

These are just a few examples of the many possibilities of kinesio tape. It is suitable for use on different body parts and can be adapted to your specific needs and activities.

Choose Mueller Kinesio Tape: your partner in sports and health!

With Mueller Kinesio Tape you get a high-quality product that helps you get the best out of yourself. Whether you are a top athlete, exercise regularly or just want to stay active, kinesio tape offers the support you need. Mueller is a trusted brand with years of experience in sports medical devices. Mueller Kinesio Tape is durable, comfortable and easy to apply. Order your kinesio tape now and discover the benefits of this innovative product for yourself. Optimize your performance, prevent injuries and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle with Mueller Kinesio Tape! Buy Kinesio tape? Choose the best support and performance improvement with Mueller Kinesio Tape, your partner in sports and health!

Mueller Kinesiology Tape is the well-known elastic tape that is often used by top athletes. Kinesio tape is designed to increase the natural blood flow of the muscles and improve the removal of waste products, prevents injuries and ensures a better recovery process in case of injuries or inflammation. Due to the elastic nature of the tape, the freedom of movement of the muscles and joints is maintained, unlike sports tape, among other things. Mueller Kinesiology Tape thus supports the muscles without restricting them.

How do I use kinesiology tape?

The tape should be applied to clean and oil-free skin. The skin should also be bare. This prevents pain when removing the sports tape. To remove the tape, you must first rub the tape with some oil or sterilium and let it soak in. Removal should be done gently by rolling the tape off the skin.


  • Color: Pink
  • Tape width: 5 cm
  • Tape length: 5 meters
  • Brand: Mueller
  • Produced from 100% cotton
  • Latex free
5 m x 5 cm
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