Welch Allyn 3.5 V LED MacroView Otoscope with throat lamp 23820-L

Welch Allyn 3.5 V LED MacroView Otoscope with throat lamp 23820-L

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Revolutionize your practice with the Welch Allyn 23820-L LED Macroview otoscope headpiece incl. throat lamp

Step into the future of otoscopy with the Welch Allyn 23820-L LED Macroview otoscope, now including an integrated throat lamp for an even more comprehensive diagnosis. This wide-field-of-view otoscope is equipped with the latest optical technologies to increase magnification and give you almost a complete view of the eardrum. This means that the need to move and adjust the device to get a complete picture is virtually eliminated.

The MacroView sets a new standard in otoscopy. With its easy-to-focus eyepiece, it provides enhanced visualization that allows you to effortlessly see past earwax, identify fluid behind the eardrum and even perform examinations without taking off your glasses. This leads to a larger, better and sharper field of view in the ear, allowing you to perform daily examinations faster and more efficiently.

Advantages of the Welch Allyn 23820-L LED Macroview headpiece incl. throat lamp

  • Twice the field of view : Provides a more comprehensive view compared to traditional otoscopes.
  • 30% higher magnification : For more detailed inspection and diagnosis.
  • Nearly complete view of the eardrum : Allows a thorough assessment.
  • Improved clarity and definition : Landmarks are easier to identify.
  • Optimized lighting system : Provides bright and uniform lighting.
  • Three times longer light on time : With rechargeable handles thanks to efficient LED lighting.
  • Lifespan of LED 30 times longer : Than traditional halogen lighting.
  • SureColor technology : For consistent color reproduction, even in dim conditions.
  • Adjustable focus : Suitable for ear canals of different lengths or farsighted eyes.
  • Tip handle with ejection function : For secure attachment and easy removal of specula.
  • Compatibility : Fits all Welch Allyn 3.5 V handles.

Why Welch Allyn?

Choosing Welch Allyn means choosing a brand that stands for innovation, quality and sustainability. The Welch Allyn 23820-L LED Macroview Headpiece with Throat Lamp is designed to provide medical professionals with a powerful instrument that improves patient diagnosis and treatment. With a long tradition of reliability and commitment to medical excellence, Welch Allyn offers equipment designed to meet the highest standards. Trust Welch Allyn for tools that will take your practice to the next level.

Product specifications Welch Allyn 23820-L otoscope headpiece incl. throat lamp

  • Welch Allyn part number: 23820-L
  • Voltage: 3.5V
  • Lighting: LED
  • Type: Macroview (Including throat lamp)
  • This only concerns the head piece
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