KaWe Piccolight E56 EU Ophthalmoscope

KaWe Piccolight E56 EU Ophthalmoscope

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Discover the KaWe Piccolight E56 ophthalmoscope

Are you looking for a compact, reliable ophthalmoscope that is ideal for outpatient practice? The KaWe Piccolight E56 ophthalmoscope offers everything you need for a thorough eye examination, packaged in a handy size that fits easily in any bag. This innovative German-made product is known for its reliability, durability and ease of use, making it a favorite among healthcare professionals worldwide.

The KaWe Piccolight E56 is not only practical but also stylish, available in various colors to match your personal style or practice design. With its complete set of basic functions, this ophthalmoscope is the perfect choice for physicians who value quality, functionality and mobility.

Why buy the Piccolight E56 ophthalmoscope?

  • Battery Handle : Operates on AA batteries, allowing you to conduct examinations anytime, anywhere.
  • Halogen lamp : Equipped with a 2.5V halogen lamp (REF 12.75132.003) that provides bright and uniform lighting.
  • Aperture selection knob : With 18 correction lenses ranging from +20 to -20 diopters, for accurate diagnosis.
  • Aspheric precision optics : Provides a clear image without distortions, ideal for in-depth inspections.
  • Portability : Supplied in a fabric bag, easy to carry for home visits or travel.
  • Batteries : Requires 2 Mignon AA 1.5 V batteries (not included), easy to replace.
  • 6 openings : Includes an EU green filter, for a comprehensive examination of the fundus of the eye.
  • Excellent illumination and large examination field : Provides a clear and wide view of the fundus.

Why KaWe Medizintechnik?

KaWe Medizintechnik symbolizes German quality and innovation in medical technology. With a focus on developing user-friendly, high-quality instruments, KaWe strives to improve and simplify medical care. By choosing the KaWe Piccolight E56 ophthalmoscope, you not only choose a top-quality instrument, but also the reliability and support of a renowned brand with years of experience in healthcare.

Whether you are an experienced specialist or a student in training, the KaWe Piccolight E56 offers the perfect combination of functionality, portability and quality. Choose KaWe today and experience the benefits of this excellent ophthalmoscope for yourself.

Product specifications KaWe Piccolight E56 ophthalmoscope

  • KaWe article number:
  1. Black: 01.23561.021
  2. Blue: 01.23561.231
  3. White: 01.23561.261
  • Type: Ophthalmoscope
  • Lighting: Halogen
  • Battery supply: 2x AA Battery
  • Includes lamp
Type of lighting
Type of Battery
AA Battery
Type of Ophthalmoscope
2 Years
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