HEKA synthetic cotton wool 3 mx 10 cm non sterile 5 Rolls

HEKA synthetic cotton wool 3 mx 10 cm non sterile 5 Rolls

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Buy or order synthetic cotton wool?

The synthetic cotton wool is used when applying a pressure bandage. The cotton wool ensures that there is an even distribution of pressure around the sprain or bruise. For example, use an ideal bandage or support bandage for this.

  • air permeable
  • Produced from high quality polyester
  • Prevents pressure points and ensures an even distribution of pressure
  • absorbent

Buy cotton roll? Synthetic cotton wool from HEKA!

A synthetic cotton roll is the ideal choice for wound care and support. It is hypoallergenic, absorbent and lint-free, making it safe and comfortable for sensitive skin types. The cotton roll offers excellent moisture absorption and resilience, making it suitable for pressure dressings and absorbing exudate. In addition, it is more durable and stronger than cotton wadding, so it lasts longer and offers better protection. The light structure ensures comfort during wear. If you are looking for a reliable, hygienic and effective wound care option, a synthetic cotton roll is the way to go.

What are bandages used for?

The synthetic cotton wool is used when applying a pressure bandage, think of this in the event of an injury due to falling or bumping or an accident on a bicycle or sports club. These accidents cause sprains, bleeding and bruising and are treated with a pressure bandage using a bandage and cotton roll. Make sure that the body part is not pinched with the cotton wool.

The bandages are available in different sizes and widths.

In the world of First Aid & Company Emergency Response, the synthetic cotton wool is also called bandage cotton wool or cotton wool. Make sure that the wadding is always available at every sports club or school.

What is the difference between cotton wool and synthetic cotton wool?

Synthetic wadding is made from polyester and bandage wadding is made from 100% cotton. The synthetic cotton wool is packed on a roll where the cotton wool is produced in a zigzag pattern. Both products are used for applying a pressure bandage.

  • Dimensions: 3 mx 10 cm (L x W)
  • Available in different sizes and units
  • HEKA Article No.: WA4031-1
  • ZI Number: 14969947
10 cm x 3 m
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