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buy HEKA Cleaning fluid 15 ml ? Optimal hygiene for the beauty industry!

Are you looking for high-quality cleaning fluid? Then definitely consider purchasing HEKA Cleaning Fluid! This effective cleaning fluid is available in convenient 15ml and 30ml formats, so you always have the perfect amount to hand.

Why and when do you choose HEKA Cleaning Fluid?

HEKA is a reliable brand known for its high quality products. There are several reasons why you should choose HEKA Cleaning Fluid:

  • Optimal hygiene : The chlorhexidine solution in the cleaning fluid is known for its disinfecting properties, so you can be sure of a thorough and hygienic cleaning.

  • Suitable for the beauty industry : HEKA Cleaning Fluid is ideally suited for use in the beauty industry, where hygiene is essential.

  • Versatile use : Whether you want to clean wounds, instruments or materials, HEKA Cleaning Fluid offers the right solution.

How do you use HEKA cleaning fluid?

HEKA Cleaning Fluid is easy to use:

  1. Apply a small amount of cleaning fluid to a plaster, gauze or directly to the surface to be cleaned.

  2. Rub or pat gently to remove dirt and bacteria.

  3. Repeat if necessary.

Order your HEKA Cleaning Fluid 15 ml now

HEKA Cleaning Fluid is a must-have for optimal hygiene and thorough cleaning in the beauty industry. Choose a reliable brand that focuses on high-quality products. Order now and make sure you always have the right cleaning solution at hand to create a healthy and hygienic environment!

The Heka cleansing fluid is a 0.3% chlorhexidine solution in 70% alcohol and can be used to clean intact skin. Applicable on the skin. Available as a dropper bottle in two convenient sizes (15ml and 30ml). These vials therefore fit perfectly in a first aid kit or first aid bag.

Specifications HEKA HD7415 Cleaning fluid 15 ml

  • Brand: van Heek Medical
  • Content: 15 ml
  • Composition: 70% alcohol, 29% aqua, 1% chlorhexidine
van Heek Medical
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