HEKA Gemetalliseerd wondkompres 8 x 10 cm steriel 10St.

HEKA Metallized wound dressing 8 x 10 cm sterile 10St.

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The Sterile Alukompress for covering abrasions and burns. Sterile packed per piece and available in different sizes.

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Buy Metalline mesh? For optimal wound care!

What is a metalline wound dressing?

A metalline wound dressing, also known as an aluminum compress or alu compress, is a special type of wound dressing that is very suitable for the treatment of abrasions and other superficial injuries. The metalline gauze consists of a non-adherent wound pad fitted with a fine aluminum net. This net ensures that the dressing does not adhere to the wound, making dressing changes less painful. In addition, the metalline gauze has a high permeability to wound fluid, which means that it absorbs excellently and protects the wound well against external influences.

How do I use an alu compress?

Using a metalline wound dressing is simple and effective:

  1. Cleaning the wound: Before applying the alu compress, gently clean the wound with a disinfectant, such as betadine, to rid the wound of dirt and bacteria.
  2. Applying the compress: Gently place the metalline gauze on the wound, making sure it completely covers the wound.
  3. Fixing: Fix the alukompress with an adhesive plaster or an elastic bandage, so that it stays firmly in place.
  4. Wound care: Regularly check that the metalline gauze is clean and dry. Replace the compress if necessary for optimal hygiene and healing.

The metaline compress is mainly used for abrasions and burns. The non-woven bandage should be applied directly to the wound and the wound should be properly disinfected for this in the case of an abrasion , for example with a cleaning fluid. When changing or removing the dressing, gently remove the metalline dressing from the wound. This compress is ideal for use in sports clubs, schools and medical institutions.

We offer high-quality metalline wound dressings for optimal wound care. Our alu compresses are soft, non-sticky and easy to use, making them an indispensable tool in any first aid kit. Order your metalline gauze now and ensure effective and comfortable wound care, especially for abrasions!

Why order metalline compress?

  • Does not stick to the wound due to the aluminum layer
  • Sterile packaged
  • High absorbency
  • Suitable for abrasions & burns
  • Cooling effect

The aluminum compresses are packed sterile and are available in different sizes. In the world of First Aid & Company Emergency Response, the metalline gauze is also called metalline wound compress, aluminum compress, aluminum compress or aluminum compress.

  • HEKA Article no.: OT0320
  • ZI Number: 16674278
  • Size: 8 x 10 cm
  • Packed per 10 pieces
  • Material: Aluminum & non-woven
  • Sterile packed per compress
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