Fixation plaster 2 mx 10 cm HEKAplast

Fixation plaster 2 mx 10 cm HEKAplast

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Buy fixation plaster - Reliable bandage fixation with HEKA Plast Fix plaster

When it comes to firmly and securely fixing bandages and compresses, the HEKA Plast Fix Plaster is the ideal choice for reliable fixation. This fixation bandage provides a secure hold and is designed to hold your dressings in place so you don't have to worry about shifting. Read on to discover why the HEKA Plast Fix Plaster is an indispensable addition to your medical supplies.

The advantages of a HEKA Plast Fix plaster

The HEKA Plast Fix Plaster offers various advantages that contribute to effective dressing fixation. With its firm adhesion and durability, this fixation plaster ensures that your dressings and compresses stay in place, even during movement. This is especially valuable in active patients or situations where the dressing needs to stay firmly in place. Another advantage is the ease of use. The HEKA Plast Fix Plaster is available in handy fixation rolls, so that you can easily cut the plaster to size with bandage scissors for different applications. This makes it ideal for use in a variety of medical settings and situations.


  • Soft
  • Hypoallergenic
  • stretchable
  • Provided with perforations that make it easier to tear off
  • Non-sterile

The HEKA plast fixation plaster is suitable for: fixation of catheters, probes and drains - fixation of primary, absorbent bandages - fixation of bandages on curved and/or very moving parts of the body or where bones protrude - where edema formation is possible.

How do I use a HEKA Plast Fix plaster?

Using a HEKA Plast Fix plaster is simple and practical. Start by cutting the patch to the desired length using scissors. Place the patch over the bandage or compress and press firmly to ensure it adheres properly. Ensure that the patch covers all edges of the dressing for firm fixation. The HEKA Plast Fix plaster can also be used to hold medical devices, such as tubes or cannulas, in place. Make sure to apply the patch carefully without overtightening the skin to avoid irritation.

Buy HEKA Plast Fix plaster

Opt for reliable bandage fixation with the HEKA Plast Fix plaster and order today. With its strong adhesion and easy-to-cut fixation rolls, this plaster is an essential part of your medical supply. Rely on HEKA for high-quality medical supplies and effective dressing fixation, always ready to provide the best care to your patients. With the HEKA Plast Fix plaster you can rely on a strong and safe bandage fixation, regardless of the situation.

Product specifications Heka Fixation Plaster 2 meters x 10 cm

  • Dimensions fixation patch: 2 mx 10 cm
  • Contents: 1 piece
  • HEKA article number: PL0270
  • ZI number: 15392570
  • Surgical adhesive plaster on a roll, with sliding sheet
2 m x 10 cm
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