Cederroth Burn Cover Hydrogel plasters 10 pcs

Cederroth Burn Cover Hydrogel plasters 10 pcs

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Buy Cederroth Burn Plasters - Instant Cooling for Burns

A hydrogel plaster that protects and soothes minor burns.

Burn Cover is also suitable for smaller cuts and scrapes. Burn Cover is blue in color and therefore suitable for use in the handling of foodstuffs. The wound pad consists of a hydrogel that does not stick to the wound. Waterproof and sterile. Before applying Burn Cover, rinse the burn with water for at least 20 minutes. 10 patches/box (74 x 45 mm). Before Burn Cover is applied, cool the burn for at least 20 minutes with, for example, Cederroth Burn Gel or rinse with lukewarm water.

Do not use on large and severe burns or wounds that are infected or bleeding. Change the plaster and clean the wound daily. Get medical advice if complications arise.

Specification Cederroth 901903 Burn cover plasters

  • Brand: Cederroth
  • Cederroth part number: 901903
  • Contents: 10 pieces
  • Patch size: 74 x 45 mm
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