Caresens N Test Strips 50 pieces

Caresens N Test Strips 50 pieces

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Caresens N glucose test strip for measuring the amount of glucose in the blood. The diabetes test strip should be used in conjunction with the Caresens Premier blood glucose meter. Packed per 50 individual strips.

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Test strips for your CareSens Premier glucose meter, packed per 50 pieces.
Thanks to these test strips, combined with the CareSens glucose meter, you will know how your blood sugar level is after only 5 seconds. Only suitable for the Caresens Premier blood glucose meter.

  • Automatic encryption
  • Complies with the latest ISO standard
  • Result in mmol/L

Suitable for use with the telephone. After downloading the Smartlog Diabetes Management App in the iOS app or Google play store you can connect your phone via Bluetooth to your glucose meter and read your results on your mobile device.

Measuring your glucose yourself is very simple. Because you can indicate whether you are sober or whether you have eaten anything, you can perform the test whenever you want.

  • Insert a lancet into the glucose meter.
  • Wash your hands and massage the finger* into which you are going to prick.
  • Set the depth of the lancing device to depth 3 to 5 (for normal skin).
  • Tighten the lancing aid with the slide.
  • Insert a test strip into glucose meter. You will hear a beep when the strip is properly inserted into the meter.
  • Hold the round opening of the automatic lancet (the needle) against your finger and press the button to puncture.
  • Apply the 2nd drop of blood to the test strip.
  • The measurement starts automatically when there is sufficient blood. The meter will count down from 5 to 1 and then the result will appear on the screen
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