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Care Plus Venimex

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Buy Care Plus Venimex?

A smart investment in your safety

Are you considering buying Care Plus Venimex? A wise choice! This innovative venom extractor is a valuable tool for quickly and effectively removing venom from insect and scorpion bites. With Care Plus Venimex you are well prepared for emergencies and you can act quickly to reduce the consequences of bites.

Compact and portable

Care Plus Venimex is compact and portable, making it easy to take with you on all your outdoor adventures. Whether you're hiking, camping, or traveling, this poison extractor fits effortlessly in your bag or pocket. This means you are always prepared, wherever you are.

Easy to use

The poison extractor is easy to use, even in emergency situations. Place the mouthpiece on the bite, select the appropriate suction and press the button to remove the venom from the skin. The intuitive design allows you to act quickly and effectively, providing relief and preventing further spread of the poison.

Suitable for different bites

Care Plus Venimex is suitable for the treatment of bites from various insects and scorpions. Whether you have been stung by a mosquito, bitten by a spider or suffered a scorpion bite, this venom extractor will help remove the venom and relieve symptoms.

Why use Care Plus Venimex?

Fast and effective removal of poison

Care Plus Venimex is specially designed to quickly and effectively remove venom from insect and scorpion bites. Removing the venom as soon as possible minimizes the impact of the bite and reduces symptoms. This provides quick relief and promotes the recovery process.

Safe and painless

The poison extractor works on the basis of a vacuum technique, making the removal of poison safe and painless. It creates negative pressure around the bite, sucking the venom out without causing further damage. This makes it a suitable option for both adults and children.

Handy tool in emergency situations

Care Plus Venimex is a valuable tool in emergency situations. Whether you are in remote areas or simply want to act quickly, this venom extractor allows you to react instantly and provide the relief you need. It can make the difference between an uncomfortable experience and a speedy recovery.

What is this medicine used for?
With the Venimex from Care Plus you can quickly suck out the venom of an insect or arachnid

Directions for use
Apply the Venimex to the site of the bite or sting. Forcefully push the poison extractor down until the pump unlocks. The mouthpieces can be used in three ways. The Venimex venom extractor can be operated with one hand and is suitable for all ages.

Read the instructions before use.

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