3M Nextcare Blood stop plasters 14st. Round Plasters

3M Nextcare Blood stop plasters 14st. Round Plasters

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Buy blood stop plasters - 3M Nexcare

Are you looking for effective blood stop plasters? Discover the power of 3M Nexcare blood stop patches. These advanced plasters are designed to help you quickly and reliably with minor cuts and wounds. With the proven quality of 3M Nexcare you can be sure that you can rely on the best care for your skin. 3M Nextcare N1714NS is packaged in a handy take-away package for on the road or on vacation.

Benefits of 3M Blood Stop Plasters

Why should you choose 3M Nexcare blood stop patches? The benefits are clear:

  1. Quick Bleed Stopping: Our blood stop patches are infused with special materials that help stop bleeding quickly. This means less worry about blood drops and more focus on your daily activities.

  2. Reliable Adhesive: The patches stay firmly in place, even on moving parts of your body. This ensures long-lasting protection, while your skin can breathe and recover.

  3. Water resistance: Whether you're walking in the rain or in the shower, our blood stop plasters remain effective and won't peel off. You can continue with your daily routine with confidence.

  4. Smooth Movement: The flexibility and comfortable design allow you to move freely without the patch feeling restrictive. This makes them ideal for active individuals.

The active substance in the patch ensures that the bleeding stops quickly. Work quickly on scratches, abrasions and superficial cuts. Plaster molds and allows the skin to breathe.

How do I use a Blood Stop Patch?

Using a 3M Nexcare blood stop patch is easy:

  1. Clean the Wound: Gently clean the wound and surrounding area with mild soap and water. Pat it dry.

  2. Choose the Right Size: Select a plaster that is large enough to completely cover the wound.

  3. Stick the Patch: Remove the protective film and place the pad of the patch on the wound. Press gently to ensure that the patch adheres properly.

  4. Replace As Needed: Replace the patch according to your needs, usually when it gets dirty or wet.

With 3M Nexcare blood stop plasters you have a reliable companion for emergencies and everyday wounds. Order today and experience the quality and effectiveness of these high-quality plasters for yourself.

Advantages 3M Nexcare Blood Stop Plasters

  • M-Doc™ technology: actively stops bleeding
  • Oxidized cellulose causes hemostatic action
  • No irritation - Prevents further bleeding
  • Non-Woven wound dressing
  • Based on natural cotton. Does not cause irritation.
  • Non woven non-adherent wound dressing

Specification 3M Nexcare blood stop around plasters 14 pcs

  • Brand: 3M
  • Contents: 14 pieces
  • 3M part number: N1714NS
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