Welch Allyn 97202-MVSL HAIO Macroview LED Lithium 3.5 V Diagnostic Kit

Welch Allyn 97202-MVSL HAIO Macroview LED Lithium 3.5 V Diagnostic Kit

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Optimize your diagnostic skills with the Welch Allyn 97202-MVSL HAIO LED Lithium 3.5V set

As a trainee GP you deserve the best tools to perfect your skills. The Welch Allyn 97202-MVSL HAIO LED Lithium 3.5V Diagnostic Kit is at the forefront of innovation and functionality, specially designed to meet your professional needs. This set, with its powerful LED lighting, provides clear and accurate images, essential for any diagnosis.

This premium kit includes a 3.5V halogen diagnostic instrument suite with an efficient lithium-ion handle, a Macroview with throat illumination for in-depth inspections, and a coaxial ophthalmoscope for an unprecedented view of the eye. Everything is safely stored in a durable hard zipper case, including four reusable specula and a charging stand, prepared with an EU plug for easy use.

With a three-year warranty you are assured of long-lasting reliability and performance. This set is not only an investment in your medical equipment, but also in the quality of care you can provide. Choose the Welch Allyn 97202-MVSL HAIO LED Lithium 3.5V Diagnostic Set and take your medical practice to the next level.

Benefits of the Welch Allyn 97202-MVSL HAIO LED Lithium 3.5V diagnostic set

  • LED lighting : Provides brighter, whiter light than halogen, giving you a clearer view of tissue colors and textures.
  • Lithium-ion handle : Long lasting battery life with fast charging capacity, including charging stand.
  • MacroView Throat Illumination Otoscope : Expands the view of the eardrum and other parts of the throat for thorough inspections.
  • Coaxial ophthalmoscope : Simplifies the examination of the retina through a larger field of view and less glare.
  • Durable Construction : All-metal housing and scratch-resistant glass lenses ensure lifelong reliability.
  • Reusable Speculas : Four reusable specula included, suitable for multiple patient examinations.
  • Hard Zipper Case : Protects your instruments and makes them easy to transport.
  • EU plug : Designed for compatibility within the European Union.

Why Welch Allyn?

Welch Allyn is known worldwide for its commitment to innovation and quality in healthcare. By choosing the 97202-MVSL set, you are investing in a brand that is preferred by healthcare professionals around the world. This set combines advanced LED technology with the reliability and durability you expect from Welch Allyn, allowing you to provide the best care possible. Switch to Welch Allyn today and experience the difference in every study.

What parts does the Welch Allyn 97202-MVSL set contain?

  1. 3.5V Halogen Diagnostic Kit with Lithium Ion Lever (71902)
  2. Macro view with keelillum (23820)
  3. Coaxial ophthalmoscope (11720)
  4. Hard Zipper Case (Storage Case) with 4 Reusable Speculas and Charging Stand (71943)
  5. EU plug

Product specifications Welch Allyn 97202-MVSL LED HAIO diagnostic kit

  • Welch Allyn part number: 97202-MVSL
  • Color: Silver & Black
  • Lighting: LED
  • Voltage: 3.5V
  • Includes handle
  • Warranty: 3 years
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