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Omron Cuff Easy Cuff ML

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Find the perfect cuff: Omron HEM-RML31

Are you looking for an Easy Cuff cuff for your Omron upper arm blood pressure monitor? The Omron HEM-RML31 cuff is specially designed for the recent range of Omron blood pressure monitors from 2014. This cuff is compatible with various models, including Omron M2, M6 AC (not for M6 Comfort), M3 (not for M3 Comfort), M3 IT ( not for M3 Comfort), MIT5 Connect, and MIT3, making it a versatile choice for your measurement needs.

Easy to use and designed for comfort, the Omron HEM-RML31 cuff provides accurate blood pressure readings. Pay attention to compatibility with your specific model to ensure you make the right choice. Upgrade your health routine today with the Omron HEM-RML31 cuff.

Which Omron blood pressure monitor is the HEM-RML31 suitable for?

(the product code starts with the letters HEM and can be found at the bottom of your meter):

  • HEM-7121-E - Omron M2 (and M2 BASIC)
  • HEM-7322-E - Omron M6 AC (note: not for the M6 Comfort)
  • HEM-7131-E - Omron M3 (note: not for the M3 Comfort)
  • HEM-7131U-E - Omron M3 IT (note: not for the M3 Comfort)
  • HEM-7280T-E - Omron MIT5 Connect
  • HEM-7270-E - Omron MIT3
  • HEM-7322-E - Omron M6 AC (note: not for the M6 Comfort)
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