HEKA plast border waterproof 6 x 10 cm 10St.
HEKA plast border waterproof 6 x 10 cm 10St.
HEKA plast border waterproof 6 x 10 cm 10St.
HEKA plast border waterproof 6 x 10 cm 10St.

HEKA plast border waterproof 6 x 10 cm 10 pcs.

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Buy water-resistant island plaster - reliable protection even in the water

Whether during a swim or just going about your daily routine, water can be a challenge for wound care. Fortunately, the HEKA water-resistant island plaster offers the perfect solution. These special plasters combine reliable protection with water resistance, so you don't have to worry about your wounds in humid conditions. HEKA island plaster with a size of 6 x 10 cm, packed per 10 plasters.

The advantages of a HEKA water-resistant island plaster

The HEKA water-resistant island plaster is designed with unique benefits that take your wound care to the next level. The central absorbent part of the patch provides a soft and protective barrier to the wound. The self-adhesive border keeps the patch firmly in place, even in damp conditions. The outstanding feature of water resistance makes this island patch ideal for situations where you may come into contact with water, such as showering, swimming or other water activities. You can enjoy your daily activities without worrying about the patch coming off.

How do I use a HEKA water-resistant island patch?

Using a HEKA Water Resistant Island Plaster is simple and effective. Start by cleaning and drying the wound area. Carefully peel off the protective liner from the patch to expose the adhesive side. Place the central absorbent part of the patch over the wound and press firmly to ensure proper adhesion. Make sure that the adhesive border of the patch covers the skin around the wound. This prevents water from penetrating the plaster and protects the wound from humidity. The water-resistant property ensures that the patch stays firmly in place, even if you come into contact with water.

Buy HEKA water-resistant island plaster

Choose reliable protection, even in humid conditions, with the HEKA Water-resistant Island Plaster and order today. With their water-resistant property and comfortable design, these plasters are perfect for everyday use and water activities. Rely on HEKA for effective wound care, always ready to protect your wounds wherever you are. With the HEKA Water Resistant Island Plaster you can enjoy your activities without compromising on your wound care.

Product specifications HEKA island plaster water resistant 6 x 10 cm

  • Patch size: 6 x 10 cm
  • Wound pad size: 3.5 x 6.5 cm
  • Contents: 10 pieces
  • HEKA article number: OT0127
  • ZI number: 17024110
6 x 10 cm
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